Thursday, January 28, 2010


Did you hear about the old couple who were rocking in their rockers one day?
Pa said “Ma, one of these days one of us is going to die and the other will be left alone.” Ma said “Yes, Pa, I’ve been thinking and when that time comes I want to move to California.”

I love you little
I love you big
I love you like my little pig

She used to roll his cigarettes
He used to roll her socks
Now they roll the baby carriage
For blocks and blocks and blocks

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  1. I don't remember any of her rhymes, but I do remember one thing she told me when she visited here once. Her parents had a gentleman friend that she didn't like, but of course had to be polite to him. One day he was visiting and her nose was itching. She rubbed it, and he told her "When your nose itches it means you'll kiss a fool." She replied back, "I wouldn't kiss you if I had to!"