Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Surprise Around the Corner

This week I am in the Dallas area orienting my new employee to her new job, and together we are getting ready to start our new program on Feb. 1. My new employee has a new office in a brand new dialysis center; in fact they are having their first patient tomorrow. As you can imagine, this new facility is in a new area of town. It is surrounded by open fields and a few office buildings. At lunch time yesterday I asked her if she had any suggestions on where we could find something to eat. Coming in, the only thing I saw was a Jack In The Box. Well, we got in the car, drove about a mile, and suddenly we were in the neatest place! There was a couple blocks of trendy little shops and cool little eating places. We decided on Thai. I do not understand Thai food, so I asked the waiter for a recommendation. I have no idea what I ate, but it was really, really good. I mean, it was delicious. On the way out the door, we noticed that right across the street was a little Italian place. So today I had a superb soup and salad. Again, I'm not sure what all was in the salad, but it was very good. Tonight I ran across the parking lot for soup and salad at Panera's. Usually, I'm very happy with the food at Panera's. But tonight I was a little under-whelmed. It's hard to compete with superb. By the way, I'm changing my hotel for next week. I'm moving closer to the new facility ... and the surprises around the corner.

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