Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mom's Blog for My Birthday

I got this email from Jerilynn (my niece). She went to see my mom and came back with this. It is so cool! Many of these memories are new to me. Makes me misty-eyed. Thanks, Mom! I love you!

When I talked to grandma she was more than happy to give me some of her memories of you and looks forward to getting a copy of your blog. She did alot of smiling and chuckling as she told these stories. Here is her "blog" to you, as told to me:

Audrey was the best-dressed baby I ever had. She received so many nice, nylon dresses as gifts. She would grow out of them before she wore them out. I remember she was so slippery to hold onto because of the nylon material.

As a baby, her older sisters, Vivian, Sylvia, and Evie were so afraid I would lose her. I ended up putting the crib upstairs so they could be next to her! They followed her everywhere. When we went into town, usually the kids would go off and do their own thing, but not the girls! They wouldn't let Audrey out of their sight. So I would ask the girls to help me carry her diaper bag. "OH NO"! They were NOT going to be seen carrying that!

When Audrey was pretty little, she came running into the kitchen, went to the apron I was wearing, and blew her nose into it! "Why did you do that?" I asked. She responded, "Because that's what mom's aprons are for!" :)

I would make up little rhymes to say to her for different situations. She loved her bath and when I pulled the plug out of the drain, I would say "Oh My Goodness, Oh My Soul, There Goes Audrey Down The Hole"! I guess I frightened her because every time I pulled the plug thereafter, she would jump right out of the tub and into my arms!

Another time after her bath, she changed into her brand new, blue and white pajama's (with feet - I can still picture them). I was putting the boys in the water when she suddenly comes running back into the bathroom and throws herself into the tub, pajama's and all!! Later she was sooooo sad because she couldn't sleep in her new pajama's. They were soaking wet.

I've always liked the name Audrey, but she went through a phase where she hated her name. She wanted to be called Suzy! I think the other kids would tease her by calling her Aud-ball!! So I made up a rhyme to get her out of bed in the mornings. "Suzy, little, Suzy what is the news? It's time to get up and put on your school shoes". She had no problem getting up after that.

First day of school she rode the bus and met another little girl named Kay McConnell. They became the "best of friends" from then on. They were inseparable!

We took Audrey to the airport to fly to California to stay with Evie and her family. When she came back, we brought Kay with us. I can still remember them sitting in the back, holding hands all the way home, BAWLING "I Missed You SOOOO".

When she was older, Audrey was in speech. She would be wiping dishes for me. She would suddenly stop, throw down the dishtowel, and run upstairs to her room. She had an INSPIRATION!!!

One time she went to Bismarck for a speech contest, so Oscar gave her $20. She came home with a red wig! :(


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