Sunday, January 24, 2010

#6, #7 and #8

I came across this picture of David, Tom and me. It was likely taken Christmas of 1955. I'm sure the wagon was a brand new Christmas gift to the boys. I love the background - the big freezer in the unfinished basement. I am holding one of my favorite dolls. I don't remember what her name was at this time, but she was later named Kandy, after my cousin "out West". In this picture I am nearly four, Tom is nearly seven and David was nine. Jim was "on the way" and Bob was still dust under the bed. I wonder why Don was not in the picture. By the way, this was only one of the two big freezers we had. Before winter each freezer was full. It took a lot of food to feed a family like ours!


  1. I have to say two things about this picture: 1. My dad hasn't changed a bit! His face is still the same, just fuzzier :) 2. Julia looks SO much like you in both this picture and the one with your birthday blog.

  2. Interesting you would see Julia in me. Did you know her middle name is Audrey?

    I'll have to find more pictures of your dad and post them for you to see.