Monday, January 11, 2010

So Shy

Have you ever been so shy you did not dare talk to your older brother? Have you ever been so shy that you did not answer the phone when you were home alone, even as a young teen? That was me. Shyness was the mantra of my youth. I loved it when a neighboring couple came over on a quiet evening to visit with my parents; but I was too shy to talk with them. In fact, when I heard mom getting coffee and "lunch" ready in the kitchen, I would quietly come down the stairs, sneak through mom and dad's bedroom, through the bathroom and into the kitchen to get in on the snacks; then I would quietly go back the way I came so I would not have to say anything to our company. I was so shy that when some of my cousins came over, it took most of the afternoon before we would even begin to talk with each other. When we finally got playing good, it was time for them to go home. I've been told that when I came back from my trip to Washington State at eight years of age, I had made great strides towards overcoming my shyness. Boy, I must have been a real basket case before that trip! I remember many uncomfortable situations of shyness going through childhood, into my teens, and even adulthood. It took many years and many experiences before I felt the confidence I always wanted to have. It took many, many, many years and many, many, many experiences before I felt that confidence. Today I am totally free! What a wonderful feeling.


  1. I can relate to this post about shyness. Very moving and very well written!

    I've been helped a lot by Social Anxiety Anonymous. They have free support groups for social anxiety, shyness, whatever you want to call it.

    What I really like about Social Anxiety Anonymous is that they have telephone support groups (and you are allowed to 'just listen', they never pressure you to talk). Here is the website with info about their support groups:

  2. P.S. Audrey, You should write a book and not just a blog post. If you are totally free, please don't forget others with social anxiety. Please pass on what you have learned to other social anxiety sufferers.

    Sincere regards, Phil M