Saturday, January 2, 2010


Boxes. They are all over the place. They have very rigid, unyielding sides and most of them are too small. We probably all have them. We try to put people into these boxes. They rarely, if ever, fit. And when they don't fit into our boxes, we open our drawer to pull out a bunch of labels. We slap these labels across the foreheads of the people who don't go into the boxes. Some of the labels are very specific, although the meaning behind them may be misleading. Labels like "woman", "man", "blonde", "kid", "vegan". But most labels are very non-specific and only the person placing the label really understands what it means. These are labels like "idiot", "loser", "mean-spirited", "stingy", "liberal", "dumb", and a lot more that aren't fit to put into this blog. But think about it. Do we really want everyone else to be just like ourselves? Isn't that ..... the makings of a cult? Why, then, do we spend so much time with our boxes and labels?