Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Generally speaking, a brand new hotel is a good thing. Everything is clean, new and modern. When I discovered there is a brand new Marriott, six miles closer to my Dallas "office" than the hotel I've been staying in, I thought it was a wise move to make. A few days ago I cancelled my other hotel and booked a room at the new, closer one. Boy, did that decision ever turn around and bite me in the behind! After I got into my rental car, I entered the address into my GPS. Oh, but, brand new hotels at brand new addresses aren't recognized by the GPS. But the GPS did recognize the street, just in the 2400's instead of the 5000's. Same street, though, so I should be able to find it ... go to the 2400's and drive a few more blocks to the 5000's. I confidently set off for my destination, in the dark, very hungry. After about thirty minutes of driving North, my GPS took me east. I began to feel a little uncomfortable. I knew my destination was northwest, not northeast. But, being the trusting soul I am, I followed my GPS ... and followed her ... and followed her right to a dead end in a very dark area. I thought, "Well, now. This is quite an adventure. What to do?" Then an idea: I knew the hotel was only ten miles from the office, so I entered the office address into the GPS. I figured that would at least get me going in the right direction. Sure enough, it put me on a road going west with only thirteen miles to the office. But what then? I decided it was time to pray. "Help me!", I prayed, as westward I drove. Thankfully, I had looked at a mapquest before leaving home and knew the hotel was on Hwy 121. And I knew that if I went west, eventually I would run into Hwy 121. Sure enough, I finally saw Hwy 121. Should I go North or South? I went with my gut and turned north. And about 5 miles later I saw my hotel, took the next exit, turned around and reached my destination. A thirty minute drive only took me two hours (although I stopped at Subway to pick up a sandwich. And ask directions. But the guy couldn't talk English well enough to even take my order so I gave up on the directions idea). I'm now sitting safely in my room. But you know what? I wish I'd stayed at the other place. This is new, but it is smaller. And I didn't get my free upgrade to a suite like I usually do. And I feel a little peeved. Ahhh, maybe I'll feel better tomorrow. Maybe they will have a great breakfast to start my day off right. Maybe....

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