Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Much Needed Quiet Dinner

I really needed a quiet dinner. So the obvious choice was a nearby Chinese place. The food is C+, but the atmosphere and the service is A+. This had been quite a week already. I'd been to Dallas and got back late Wednesday night. Thursday was a long day at the office. And every day was full of intense moments. Yes, Thursday night was a night for a quiet dinner, lingering over tea with the fortune cookies. We'd done it many times and it was always refreshing. We walked in the restaurant, already knowing what we were going to order and where we wanted to sit. As the waiter led us to our table, we heard the loud noises of some children. Looking at their table we saw that they were nearly done. So, we moved an extra table away and hoped for the best. We got our tea and gave our order. The children became louder. We ate our won ton soup. The children began chasing each other around the restaurant. We got our order. The parents received their bill, the children were climbing on the ledges. We ate our meal. The parents were talking, the children were yelling at each other, and the other guests were mumbling. We completed our meal and waited for the check. The parents started gathering coats. We got our check and the fortune cookies. They finally left. We enjoyed our fortune cookies with the last of the tea in the suddenly quiet restaurant. We left for home; but I did not feel refreshed and my nagging headache was still there. Recap: Meal - C+, atmosphere - F.


  1. Next time, order it delivered to your house.


    (Luckily, my kids are perfect and would never do that.)

  2. i hate it when that happens. Last time i went to Denny's there were a bunch of loud teenagers. Mostly the girls were loud and phones kept ringing and the girls kept talking and singing and just being plain old annoying. It was hard to not keep looking over there and I was relieved when the finally left. A table of 6 or so. But they couldnt just leave, they had to dink around for awhile and run back and forth to the bathroom. Grrrrrrrr. Some peoples kids. I almost requested a diferent table, but i think it would have been annoyed with them no matter where i was.
    The worst was that time in Red Lobster for out anniversary dinner. I was steamed for a lot of reasons that time. Pay $50 for two people and a romantic atmosphere and leave broke and p.o.'ed.
    I'd go out for a quiet dinner with you.
    I miss you