Monday, November 2, 2009


If there is one part of my job I'm not too crazy about, it's having to hire people. First, our Human Resources person does all the pre-screening; i.e. determining if they are really qualified for the job and are viable candidates. Those who pass that test come to me. Over the next two weeks I am doing phone interviews. Then I spend a week in Dallas doing face-to-face interviews. By the end of that week I hope to get it narrowed down to about two people, who I will then send to our Chief Medical Officer and our Chief Operating Officer to get their input. The final decision, though, will be mine. It is not easy knowing for certain you have the right one. But it is so important as this person can make or break the new program I am developing. The hardest part of this whole process is breaking through all the "best behavior" of the one being considered and find out what they are really like. What an arduous and exhausting process it is!

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  1. Try giving them a personality test! Get Phone references, that the candidate did not get a letter from~ many people are afraid to write honestly in a letter, since the candidate gets to read the letter! There, that's my input!