Monday, November 9, 2009

She's Walking Again!

For those of you following the life and health of my mom - there is good news. The swelling in her legs has gone down so much that she is back in physical therapy and walking again! It took some intense interventions, but it worked. And she seems happy to be up and around. Of course, it helps that she is also breathing a lot easier. She lost over seven pounds of fluid. There is more to lose, but her poor heart just can't keep up with it. A big thanks to those who live close by and are keeping a close watch on things like her breathing and the swelling in her legs. Together, we'll never again let her get as bad as she was a few weeks ago. On the other side, her pulse rate is only in the 50's. It used to be in the 70's, then 60's. And she claims that her eyesight is getting worse; it is hard for her to read anymore. But she still manages to read all her emails! She gets several a week; sometimes several a day. What a difference it has made to have "mail time" to look forward to every day. Be careful what you write, though! She shares them with people who come to visit her. If you don't yet know her email address and would like to write to her, send me a note and I'll give it to you.

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  1. What good news! I certainly hope I'm as feisty and strong-willed as she is when I'm even half her age!