Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Final Word on Lefse

I promise to quit talking about lefse after this entry. But I have to finish the story.

1. Yes, we did have lefse at the nursing home. It tasted okay with the real butter I brought from Jeri's house. Only problem was that they packed the lefse when it was still warm, so it was difficult to fix. So we had "chunks" of lefse.

2. I found out that the lefse rolling pin I got from mom was purchased in the first year or two of their marriage (75 years ago). Dad went to Leeds and bought it for her for $1.00. The regular rolling pin that Rana got was bought at the same place, around the same time, and cost $0.25.

3. I told mom I needed by buy a "ricer" so I can make lefse for Christmas. This led to a conversation about how she and her mom (Grandma Sophia) made lefse - they mashed the potatoes (no ricer) and just picked the lumps out. And they made it on the old wood-burning stovetop.

4. This led to another story. Shortly after they were married. Dad bought some lutefisk and asked to have it for supper. As he went out to do the chores, he said, "I wish we had some lefse to go with the lutefisk." Mom said that as soon as he left the house she cut up some potatoes into little pieces, boiled them, mashed them, added the other ingredients and made little lefse in her frying pan (she made a circle of the size of the pan - about 8 inches). Dad was really surprised and thrilled to sit down to a meal of lutefisk and lefse after finishing the chores. Mmmm, I bet that was a good meal ;-)

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  1. It sounds like you had a good time with your mom and that you are rounding out the family history pretty well with interesting stories. Pretty cool!