Monday, November 23, 2009

In Search of Lefse

As you know, I will be having Thanksgiving dinner with the Nursing Home. Now, I'm sure Heartland Care Center puts together a pretty decent meal; I'm expecting turkey, potatoes, gravy, a vegetable and probably pumpkin pie. But do you think they will have lefse? Just in case they don't (and the chances are good that they won't), I'm on a search for a couple lefse for us to share for old time's sake. I didn't make any lefse this year because (1) my ricer broke; and (2) the mix I used last year is no more. The company went out of business. (I know -- excuses, excuses, but time is running short). Tonight I called the lefse queen of North sister. "Do you have any lefse I can take to mom for dinner?" She said, "I made a batch, but it didn't turn out. I might make another batch on Wednesday," she replied. She thought I'd have a better chance with brother Don. So I call brother Don, "Do you have any lefse I can put into my suitcase and take to mom?" "I made a batch, but it didn't turn out", he said, "and I'm not making any more until next week." Now I'm desperate. Why do people try to make lefse from instant potatoes after they've had success the old way for decades?? I know I'm getting a little testy. But, hey, this will probably be my last Thanksgiving with my mom. I really need lefse. Do you suppose I'll have to settle for "commercial" lefse from the grocery store? Lefse Queen - I sure hope you make lefse on Wednesday!


  1. Yeah, I was kinda wondering why no one can make lefse from potatoes anymore... ?

  2. You can mail me some when you get some! I'm the desperate, gone from home, where no one knows what lefse is, daughter who really, really misses lefse! (Or you can get me all the tools, recipes, and advice for a Christmas present and I'll make my own)

  3. Wish you were closer. Mike had a lefse extravaganza here on Sunday and he, sister Karen, and nieces Alie and Hanna made up 40 lbs of potatoes into lefse!! That came to about 16 dozen pieces! Most is in the freezer saving it for the family party on the 13th, but we will have some for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, too! Love it!! Kandy