Wednesday, November 11, 2009

One Left

History - lots of history, poetry and parables, damnation and salvation, war and peace, love and hate, mortal and immortal, the past and the present. In 2009 I've read through the Bible - almost. I read it as if I had never read it before; with a mind cleared of any motive, of any pre-conceived bias; as if it was just another book I was reading. It has been a moving experience. Yes, I've read about the past, I've read about this present age. All that is left is the book of Revelation. Revelation - the look into the future. The book I've always thought was hard to understand. In eager anticipation I wonder what it will be like reading it as if for the very first time. Will it make me fearful or faithful? Will I feel agony or ecstasy? Revelations - the book of the future - here I come!

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