Monday, November 16, 2009

Aunt Elvera

My first memory of my aunt Elvera is boys - lots of boys. Boys who were coming and going. I grew up with six brothers so boys were not a strange species to me. But these boys were so different. They were city boys. And they were so...good looking! And in the midst of all those boys was a lady. Elvera seemed so calm and in control. I was only eight, but I clearly remember being at her house and being in awe of it all. Another memory about Elvera that I will never forget was in 1975. Dad had just died. Mom, Elvera, and a few others were sitting in the living room. I'm not sure how the conversation got started, but Elvera said, "It's hard losing a husband to death, but divorce is hard too". I grew up a little more that day. I have so much admiration for Elvera - she has gone through a lot of tough times, but she was always a perfect lady. She is 85 years old today (11/17) and still looks so good. Every time I see her she is dressed so nice, her hair looks so good, and she still takes the time and effort to put on some makeup. Yes, every time I think of Elvera I think of a rock-solid, calm, .....lady. This picture was probably her high school graduation picture. Beautiful then - beautiful now. I love you, Aunt Elvera! I wish I could spend a day with you, sitting at the kitchen table, chatting and getting to know you better. I know I would be blessed. Happy Birthday - and many more to come!

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