Monday, November 9, 2009

Computers and Kids

Having a six-year-old and a seven-year-old around for two nights and two days is a wonderful, but exhausting experience. They are good kids, but...noisy! active! To preserve our sanity, we default to the babysitter of the day - computers. Thank God for Webkinz and other such kid sites. When they are on their respective laptops they are confined to one room; a room with a door. All kinds of strange noises make their way throughout the rest of the house; things like pops, bangs, and lots of music (hug a pug, anyone?). The best part of all, however, is after they leave and I regain control of my office and my laptop. All over my desk I find notes like, "grandma is the best grandma ever!" "I love grandma", and a new Christmas list "Lagos, police train, 2 webkinz, soda candy, 1 black T shirt." Ahhhhhh.

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