Sunday, November 8, 2009

Just Try To Stop Me!!

"The whole world is before me. I can do anything I want. The possibilities are endless. There are no limits." This used to be my mantra. When did things change? Surely not when I married young, because I still had so many, many years ahead of me. Definitely not when I went back to college at age 39; at that time more than ever before I felt empowered to go anywhere and do anything. Could it have started when the military refused to even talk with me about joining up as a nurse because I was.....too old?? Today I was thinking about female commercial airline pilots and wondering what it would be like; then realized it was too late for me, even if I wanted to. More and more things remind me that the opportunities are gone. It is no longer "no limits to what I can do." This is a very sobering thought. Well, phooey! There are still lots of things I CAN do. In fact, in February I have a date to take a down-hill skiing lesson. And if I like it, I just might keep doing it. And it's not too late to get my Master's degree - if I want to. And I CAN get my body in great shape again. And I CAN travel the world, if I want. I could still open my own tea shop. And you know what? I could learn to fly an airplane. So there!!


  1. Take me skiing with you, PLEASE!

    Listening to radio commercials, it hit me that I am now too old to donate eggs (or will be, next August). Opportunities just slipping by!

  2. Audrey you will always be my role model, you really can do anything you set your mind to! RB