Thursday, October 29, 2009

San Diego Bay

Ahhh. Two feet of snow of our deck today. But I'm enjoying perfect San Diego weather. I just got back from a two hour ride in a big boat...I think they call them yachts :-) around the San Diego Bay at sunset. What a beautiful sight at night - Coronado, Tijuana, Mexico, the bridge going from the mainland to the island, The USS Midway, the USS Ronald Reagan, the lights and dazzle of San Diego. All this compliments of a company that manufactures some type of medical device. These are some of the perks of traveling for work for which I am thankful. What I am NOT thankful for are my hurting feet. What ever made me think I could spend an entire days at a trade show wearing heels??? Now even my flat shoes hurt. I even had to turn down bumming around the gaslamp district with my peers because of my feet. Tomorrow, I don't care what I look's flat shoes with my business suit!!

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