Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lefse Update

I'm so excited! For those of you not on Facebook, I'll have to tell you the rest of the story. Today....Heartland Care Center....was making....lefse! Oh, how I hope they made enough for me to have a couple pieces! Now, where else in the world would a nursing home make lefse for its residents for Thanksgiving??

My cousin, Kandy, made me really wish she and I lived close to each other. Last weekend they had family together and cooked up 40 pounds of potatoes and made lefse. Now, that's a lot of lefse! It would be so fun to be a part of that party! Maybe I'll just have to fly out there next November and be a part of that gathering.

I also heard that Bernie Sorlie used to make really good lefse. And that Bev Dyste makes a bunch. And other cousins and miscellaneous relatives actually order from Freddy's Lefse in West Fargo. They say Freddy makes really great lefse. Hmmm. Maybe next year I'll order from Freddy. Except for one really good reason. You see, I had forgotten that my mom gave me her lefse rolling pin when she moved into the nursing home. It's a nice, big rolling pin that I've forgotten how old it is. (I promise to ask her this week, and then write it down). So next year, and maybe yet this year, I am going to use her rolling pin and make lefse from real potatoes. Ahh, life is good.


  1. Glad you found your priorities again! ;-)

  2. Well you knock yourself out with that. I use to make Lefse all the time. I have now decided to let Freddy's make it for me. Not so much of a hassle that way. I gave my lefse grill and etc. to Joy this year for a family member.
    Happy Holidays to you and your family