Friday, November 6, 2009

It Never Would Have Happened When I Was Ten

Tomorrow morning Amber (10-year old granddaughter) is getting on an airplane with her dad and going across the ocean. They are going from Denver to Toronto to London (with a 12 hour layover when they will get to see the city) and then to South Africa. Once in South Africa she will meet her other grandfather and see the places her dad lived and worked. They will be gone over two weeks. I can't wait to read Amber's journal and see her pictures. What an awesome experience at just the right age! She will remember all of it. When I was ten I could not even imagine being on a trip like that. I felt pretty special taking a trip to Washington state when I was eight. But across the ocean and to other countries? That was the thing of books, not real life. If you think of it over the next couple weeks, whisper a prayer for safety, health and lots of memorable experiences. Oh, I forgot to mention...she is going to look for a teacup and saucer for me - made in South Africa.

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  1. They'll be 12 hours in London, not 8. :-) She is a very lucky girl. I hope the other two get the opportunity, too.