Sunday, December 13, 2009

What a Trip!

Flight - one hour late.
Drive - 125 miles
Weather - freezing drizzle, about 15 degrees
Destination - Storm Lake, Iowa
Time - 3 1/2 hours

I tried everything, but could not keep the ice off the windshield. Hours of highest temp, full-blast, on the windshield. That makes for a very hot car and a very hot face. I finally discovered that if I kept the back windows cracked open, at least the back of my head was cool and it was bearable for a few miles. Had to stop many times just to thaw out. And I learned to be content looking through only the bottom third of the windshield. (I'm going to have a very stiff neck tomorrow!) I had to come to a complete stop about 10 times just to rest my neck and de-ice. As I drove through some of the small towns I could see people in their nice, warm houses. I thought, "I sure hope the adults are happy and the children aren't cranky. Because they are very blessed to be where they are!" This trip reminded me of the time, a few years ago, when I drove from Denver to Scottsbluff, NE, in freezing rain. Same story as tonight. I finally got to my one-hour meeting with the three doctors. Except that two of them didn't show up. And the one who did, had already seen my presentation. That was a very stupid trip to take. Tonight's trip is much more important. Ouch - neck already hurts. And I bet that tomorrow morning my car will be covered in ice!

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