Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Memories: Change

Oh, how I loved Christmas Eve with all the family gathered together. It was a time to look forward to all year. It was a time of magic. The glow lasted all during Christmas vacation. It was a tradition I thought would last forever. I will never forget the huge let-down feeling I got when I was told, "This is the last Christmas Eve that Vivian and Sylvia and their families will be coming over." What crushing news! It was time, I was told, for them to start creating their own Christmas traditions. And there were too many people. And it was hard to carry all the wrapped gifts over and the unwrapped home again. It was hard to be out late at night with all the little ones. I certainly understand that logic now, but back was all about me and my loss. All year I tried not to even think about what Christmas Eve would be like without all of us together. The months rolled by, and it was soon December once again.

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