Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Special Gift from South Africa

As some of you know, a hobby of mine is to collect teacups and saucers. But not just any teacup and saucer. I only want ones from different countries. My goal is to have twelve cups and saucers made in twelve different countries. Right now I have Russia, Germany, England, Poland, Greece and the USA. I am halfway there! When Amber and her Dad went to South Africa in November, my only wish was that they would bring me back a teacup and saucer made in South Africa. They returned just before Thanksgiving. When they came over to celebrate the holiday, I was trying to control my excitement, expecting my teacup and saucer! But, alas! No such thing. Instead there were the stories of how they looked here and they looked there, and they tried to buy one from a coffee shop (they were in use), and they went to malls and stores and could not find any teacup and saucer that was made in South Africa. "They aren't much into making those in South Africa," said Nik. I was starting to feel guilty for even wanting it; they worked so hard to find it for me. I was afraid their entire trip was ruined because of my teacup and saucer obsession. But, no problem, everything is okay. Then came Christmas. I opened my gift from their family....a massage! Hey, that's cool. I love massages, though I've only had one in my life. One more gift -- you guessed it. A teacup and saucer made in South Africa!! I was overjoyed. But didn't they tell me they could not find one? Now the full story comes out. They were correct in saying all the things they did; couldn't find it in the malls or stores. What they didn't say was that at the airport, as they were leaving South Africa, they found this teacup and saucer. Whew! Thanks, Nik and Amber. I love it and have used it many times already!

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