Thursday, December 10, 2009

Viola's Care Conference

Yesterday I attended Mom's quarterly care conference via phone. Overall, it was good. Her skin tears are healing, her pulse is staying stable at 50-60, her weight is stable, her labs are mostly within normal ranges, her lungs are clear (though I don't trust their lung assessments), and she is doing some walking during physical therapy (5 - 15 feet times two). The bad news is that her legs are swelling again. She was very aware of what was going on and took part in the conversation and continues to make her own decisions. We are trying to identify high protein foods she will eat so she can get a little better nutrition. I have to admit she is the fussiest eater I have ever known! Worse than any of my kids ever were. Keep those emails going to her. It is almost becoming legendary how many emails she gets and how much she enjoys them. The activities director said she gets more emails than anyone else!

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