Wednesday, December 30, 2009


One of my favorite meals is a fried, broken-yolk egg on toast. It is quick, easy, cheap, nutritious, and I almost always have the ingredients. Today as I was frying my egg and toasting my toast, I remembered some eggs of my youth. Most of the time our meals were very consistent: meat, potatoes, vegetable, bread and dessert. But occasionally, probably on a weekend, we would sit down to the table and mom would bring in a big platter...a very big platter...of eggs. I can see it now. It would start with the person sitting in the NE corner and go all the way around the table, with everyone sliding off a few eggs. Everyone, that is, except me. All those eggs had soft yolks, and I have never been able to stand soft-yolked eggs. I wonder how many eggs mom fried for a meal. She used the lefse plate and I'm sure she covered it more than once. Funny, I can't remember what we had to eat with the eggs. I just picture that big platter of soft-yolked eggs going around the table, stopping at each place, and depositing some eggs onto the plates. I wonder...what did I eat? I'm sure it wasn't eggs.

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