Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Gabby is a beautiful cat. She is gold and white with lots of soft, fluffy hair. I've always been a cat person, but due to their hair and the yucky litter box stuff, we decided to not have any more cats once the kids all left home. Besides, the poor thing would spend way too much time all alone. But last weekend I stayed in a house with Gabby. It didn't start out very well. As I was running out the door to go see Mom, Gabby snuck through the door and into the cold garage. Gabby, of course, was in no hurry to be caught. She went behind a cupboard sitting in the middle of the garage. She peaked around the left corner and I started reaching for her. She quickly turns to go the other way so I run to the right - and there she is peaking around the corner on the right. Then to the left, then the right. I was getting a little frustrated because I was in a hurry. It crossed my mind to just let her spend Thanksgiving Day all alone in the cold garage, but I didn't think Jeri would be very happy with that! So I get more aggressive and Gabby runs behind some other stuff in the garage. As I head to the door to put down my stuff so I can get down and dirty, she comes out and stands in front of me. Ahhh. I grab her quickly and hold her away so I don't get fur all over. That little imp was purring like a motor and I could see by her eyes that she was laughing. Well, by Friday night she won me over. We cuddled together on the sofa, she licked my hand and purred on my tummy. And she left lots of hair on my clothes. I felt myself falling in love again. Don't know if I will ever see her again, but it was good while it lasted.

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