Sunday, August 9, 2009


I just love Sundays. I used to love Sundays because it was a relaxing day - church, lunch, nap, not much of anything. Since we started going to the Saturday evening service, I love Sundays even more. I claim Sunday as my day - a true day of rest, of catching up with lots of little things that pile up over the week, reading, cooking - or not, sleeping in, tea - at home or at a special shop, a drive in the country. It's a great day to re-balance before hitting the 5-day work week again. BTW, so far I LOVE my job! It's been one month, but feels like I've been with the team for a lot longer than that. AND - I'll blog about my new car after I actually get it. Rod talked about it on his blog, but maybe it will be fresh news in a couple weeks when I bring it home.

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