Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Child Who Almost Wasn't

33 years ago on August 5 I gave birth to a child who is very blessed to be here. Amy Jo, AKA Amos Josephine, was born because my dad died. We had decided one child was plenty. There are several reasons we planned on having an only child, but that is a story for another time. Our only child turned three one week before my dad unexpectedly passed away. This death was a shock to all his children (10 of them). Through this process I realized how very glad I was that I had several siblings to go through this with. It got us to re-thinking this only child concept. For me, it took me beyond what was convenient for me at the time and into the long term effects for both child and parents. There are several other reasons why we decided to have another child, but that, too, is a story for another time. I got rid of my birth control device and got busy (if that's what you call it). A year later we had our second daughter. Baby #1 was tiny, skinny, sickly, and a difficult baby for new parents to figure out. Baby #2 was larger, rounder, more content and healthier. Much easier to care for! Amy is the child who would not talk at all - until one day she started talking in complete sentences. Amy had a strong affinity for sweets from very early on. I remember the day she very seriously pointed to one of her teeth and said, "this one is my sweet tooth". Although Amy was usually very obedient and respectful, she also was the one who was least likely to cuddle and show affection. Today Amos is one of my best friends. She is the only one of my kids who lives near me so I see her more than the others. This has enabled us to have more experiences together that have enabled me to get to know her on another level. I am so thankful that God put in our hearts to add to our family. Happy Birthday, Amy! I love you lots and lots!

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