Saturday, August 15, 2009

I Can't Believe This Happened

Many, many years ago I made a commitment to be with my mother for her birthday for the rest of her life. Although I wasn't really expecting her to live this long, I have been able to adjust my schedule and be there on September 13. And because my sister from Omaha agreed to be there at the same time, we have been having a special sister's outing at the same time. My boss in my old job knew it was not negotiable - I had to be in ND on 9/13. Then I started a new job. I told my boss right up front that I needed to be with my mom for her birthday. No problem, she says. Even though the Medical Director's meeting is scheduled for that weekend, I could leave Friday night or early Saturday. So we're cool. Then I get the agenda for the medical director's meeting from our CMO (Chief Medical Officer). And guess what - I am on the agenda for a presentation to all the docs - on September 13. I never expected this and it was too late to change. Now, if the meeting was at headquarters (in Denver), I could still hop on a flight and get to Devils Lake late on 9/13. But the meeting happens to be in Virginia - an hours drive from Richmond, the nearest airport. Connecting flight. Can't leave until noon. Can't make it. Okay - Plan B - I'll fly out Monday and be with Mom all week. I told her, "I'll be there Monday night". But wait, I get a call from my boss a couple days ago and she says she arranged for us to meet with the physician team at Texas Tech University in Midland, TX, on Thursday 9/17 at 3:00. I can come right from ND, she says. Umm, let's see. Spend all day Monday getting to Devils Lake, spend time with Mom on Tuesday and spend all day Wednesday getting from DL to Fargo, to Denver, to Dallas, to Midland. Believe it or not, there are no direct flights from Fargo to Midland. I finally threw up my hands and said, "I just can't do it". I'm sorry, Mom! I'm sorry, sisters! I'll try for October, but it won't be quite the same because Evie won't be there, there will be no birthday party, and September is the very best month to be in ND. Next year I will do my best to get back on schedule. I just hope Mom makes it another year!

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