Monday, August 3, 2009


Tonight I am sitting in a hotel room in Storm Lake, Iowa. Well, it's not really a typical hotel room. I am staying in a waterpark resort. Who would think that in a place so far from anything , they would have this fancy resort with nice rooms, nice soap and shampoo, and sitting right on a huge lake? I flew into Omaha and drove 125 miles to get here. Years ago, we lived in Iowa - we were in Creston for over five years. I had forgotten how beautiful the countryside is. I drove mile after mile through lush green fields. The corn looks fabulous. I'm not sure what the other crops are. And all along the highway are these beautiful farmhouses with mowed, green yards - acres of yards. The buildings are nicely painted and the entire farmstead is well kept. I saw very little shabbiness the entire trip. Tonight, after dinner, I went for a walk around the resort and beyond. This, too, was pleasant. It had cooled off and the humidity was much lower than during the day. And I felt safe! Everyone I met smiled and spoke to me. I saw something I hadn't seen in years - fireflies! Hundreds and thousands of fireflies. It almost seemed like they could light up the night. Yes, this country gal likes getting back to the country from time to time. Just like in ND, here in Iowa, my soul can stretch from horizon to horizon, with nothing to interfere. Aaaaaahhhhhh.

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  1. Maybe this kind of traveling won't be so bad after all!

    I have a box of stuff for you from Grandma.

    Can't wait to chat w/ you when I/you get back to Colorado. Lots to tell you.