Monday, August 17, 2009

So Sad

Yesterday I was at the local skateboard park watching Cade try dare-devil things on his scooter. I noticed another boy, aged 7 or 8, hanging around watching everyone. He came up to Cade and asked if he could use his scooter for awhile. Cade, nice guy that he is, said, "yes". This kid took off on the scooter and did amazing things; a very talented child, when it comes to scootering in a skateboard park. I finally had to wave him in so Cade could play some more. He immediately brought the scooter back to Cade. Then he sat down and watched everyone again. It finally dawned on me that this little guy, who did so well, has no scooter or skateboard of his own. He has obviously practiced a lot; but now, for whatever reason, has no way of continuing. It almost made me cry....

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