Friday, October 23, 2009

"Don't Wish Your Life Away"

I must be getting old. Many times throughout my lifetime I heard my mother say, "Don't wish your life away". This was said to me when I would be looking to some future time and wishing I was there "right now". I always let that advice just pass through my mind, not thinking I had to be concerned about my life going away anytime soon. Lately I've had a much different perspective. When I hear someone say on a Monday, "Only four more days until Friday!" or "I can't wait until the kids get out of diapers", or "I wish spring would hurry up and get here" --- when I hear statements like that I find myself thinking, "don't wish your life away". I now have the perspective of looking back on lots and lots of years. Rather than wishing for today or today's circumstances to hurry up and get over, I am spending more time wishing things could slow down a bit. And I'm trying to be more thankful for each day I have. A song I used to know had the phrase, "Time rushes on, life fades away. It disappears and soon you're old and gray". It is a depressing thought - but so true. If nothing else, this truth motivates me to cherish every moment that is mine.

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