Monday, October 26, 2009

Viola Update

Two weeks ago today I was with Mom for her doctor appointment. Today was the follow up appointment. Sister Sylvia accompanied her this time. The doctor thought she was doing better, but she is not yet where she needs to be. There is still some rattling in her lungs, her legs are still very swollen. She is using a special wrap on her legs to force the fluid up so it can be processed through her kidneys. The doctor ordered to keep her catheter in and get some more high-dose shots of Lasix. He scheduled her next appointment for a month from now. Mom is tenacious, but I think we need to recognize that she is very frail. There is nothing but skin and bones, her appetite is almost non-existent and her heart is very weak. Thankfully, she still eats her dish of ice cream every afternoon. Unlike most of us, that daily infusion of calories is helping her. She also has soup once or twice a day. Other than that, her intake is minimal. As of tomorrow her favorite nurse is being moved to another section so she will have to deal with that change as well. She still enjoys her emails and looks forward every day to receiving them. Keep them coming! Sure wish I lived closer....

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