Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tea at the Palace

What a wonderful time we had! Two daughters, Amy and Rana, and I went to the Brown Palace in downtown Denver for "high tea". It was very, very pricey, but, oh, so good! We sat together for two hours drinking tea, nibbling on all kinds of goodies, and enjoying our time together. Only one thing would have made it better -- Sonia, we wish you could have joined us! After we left the Brown Palace we decided to walk the 16th street mall - and immediately headed for Peet's Coffee and Tea (yes, we really did). We sampled some of their Jasmine tea, and I bought some oolong. Then we took a much needed walk up and down the mall. One advantage of having kids is that they do grow up - and become great adult friends. "Twas a beautiful outing on a beautiful Colorado fall day!

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