Friday, September 18, 2009

Sylvia - #2 out of 10

I looked everywhere - I don't have pictures of my sister, Sylvia! Why would that be? I have quite a few pictures of all my other siblings. Could it be that the main picture-taker was Sylvia? Well, I cut her out of one of the few pictures I have and posted it here. This was taken in 1958.
What can I saw about Sylvia? She has been like a mother to me; she's been like an aunt, a caregiver, a confidante, an anchor, always there and always loving me. Sylvia was 15 when I was born; I was only 3 when she married. And from what I hear, I was very attached to her from the time I was brought into the house. There are many memories - here are a few:
  • Staying at her house many, many times
  • When I had an accident as a preschooler, she made it all better "It's happened to me before, too", she said
  • All the doll clothes she made for me for Christmas one year
  • The Santa Claus stockings with our names on them
  • Jigs
  • Telling me the good things about my brother, Tom, when I was so mad at him
  • Chuck
  • Big family dinners in her new house
  • Big family dinners in her old, very old, house
  • Mint Dazzler
  • Peace-maker
There are many more memories - all of them good. It's always been hard to buy a birthday card for Sylvia because all the "sister" ones talked about growing up together. And we didn't do that. As I mentioned, our relationship was very different from the typical sister relationships. But over the last several years (after I finally grew up), I have no doubt about who Sylvia is - she is my SISTER. And she still always believes in me, always encourages me, and always opens her home and her heart to me. I'm probably the only woman alive who has never had a conflict with one of her sisters. I cherish that. Happy Birthday, Sylvia! I love you!!

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