Wednesday, September 16, 2009

McDonald's Comes Through For Me

I'm certainly not a big fan of McDonald's. And I have gone there much more than I like because it is usually the first choice of the grandkids. But I have to admit they do some things right. For example, here in Odessa, Texas, there are no Starbucks. When I really, really need a latte (like I did a few minutes ago), I can go to McDonald's and get a non-fat, sugar-free Vanilla latte - and for less $$ than at Starbucks. And it's really pretty good. And McDonald's comes through for me at the airports. They are in most of the airports and when I'm hungry, I can get some mostly-healthy food like a fruit and yogurt parfait (for $1), apple dippers, salad, apples and walnuts, and best of all - Dasani bottled water.

Now that I have my latte, I'm set for a couple more hours of work. Better get busy.....

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