Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bob - #10 out of 10

Robert Jon, formerly known as Bobby, and now known as Bob – when you think about it, this is one guy that is really lucky to be here. How many parents, after all, have ten children? And how many are still pro-creating in their forties and fifties?

Before Bob, we had 5 boys and 4 girls in our family. A wee bit unbalanced. I had reconciled myself to being in the minority. But the promised advent of another baby gave me great hope that we would balance out at 5 and 5. Maybe that is why I did not like Bob when he was first born. I really wanted a sister in the house with me; instead it was yet another boy. I was so upset that I would have nothing to do with him for many months. (Not that I ever hold a grudge, or anything like that – haha). Most of the family knows the story of how things changed. There were several of us siblings in a circle and they put Bob in the middle. He was just starting to walk. And wouldn’t you know, Bob turned around, walked towards me and fell right into my arms. It melted my heart. Since that moment I’ve really liked my brother Bob. Some favorite memories of Bob:

  • As a toddler and young boy, he was so cuddly and mild mannered
  • Playing in the dirt in the "trees"
  • Going fishing
  • How he stepped up and looked out for mom after dad died; he was only 13
  • Staying at his house when I moved to Colorado
  • His strong commitment to his own children after his divorce

The picture was taken in 1966. He so graciously posed for me many times as I was attempting to learn a little photography. This is one of my favorites.

Happy birthday, Bob! I love you!

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