Wednesday, September 23, 2009

David - #6 out of 10

September 24 - he would have been 63. Has he really been away for two years? Most of the time it doesn't hurt so much anymore. I remember the good things, the happy times. But sometimes without any warning it suddenly hits again, like a fist in the gut. The fact is, he is no longer on this earth. But today, his birthday, I want to remember good things:

  • He threw me the football and I kicked it back - an unexpectedly good kick. "Great kick", he said. I lived in the glow of that compliment for years

  • Building the fort in the trees

  • Pig-Latin

  • Braiding a long rope out of twine in the hayloft on rainy days

  • The Navy man - such a hunk. As a young teenager, I was so proud. And he gave me his sailor hat. I kept it until long after I was married. I wish I still had it.

  • He brought back exciting things from the Mediterranean area - necklace, scarves, bracelet, hand-clappers. I still have them all. I still wear the necklace.

  • I told him, "I think I will join the Navy after I graduate". He said, "No, you're not going to do that." "Why????", I asked. "The military is no place for nice girls", he said. I've always wondered about that.

  • Christmas of 1969 - he met me and my sister at Disneyland and we spent the day together going on the rides. Such a wonderful experience for me. I'm so glad I could share it with him.

  • He says, "Why do you color your eyebrows and eyelashes? Aren't you satisfied with the way God made you?" Well, to be truthful, I'm not.

  • My first trip to Phoenix. It was a business trip. I get off the plane and there is a limousine driver holding up a sign with my name. I say, "Thanks, but my brother is here to get me and I'll go with him." We had a wonderful afternoon before he dropped me off at my convention.

  • The trip to the Grand Canyon. We had many hours together in the car. I'm glad I didn't know at the time that it would be one of our last outings together.

The picture above was taken in 1954. David is on the left and Don is on the right. Don't they look like the most adorable little farmer boys?

I miss you David; I wish I could call you tonight and wish you a happy birthday.

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  1. Great article. You were blessed to have such a close knit family.