Monday, June 29, 2009


Through the Bible in 2009 remains a very interesting read. I am currently in Proverbs. I have read Proverbs many times, though usually it was hit and miss, a verse here, a verse there. This time I am refusing to go to the next verse until I actually assimilate the verse I am on. That means I can't let my mind wander. And it is proving to be a very slow read. This is one book where every verse has an implication for how to live. I can see why Solomon (who wrote most of Proverbs) was known as the King of Wisdom. Gosh - if we all lived by the principles in Proverbs, this would be heaven on earth. It is really hitting me how very wise the proverbs are. Makes me want to tell everyone to READ them. But that wouldn't be very wise....

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