Sunday, June 7, 2009

Biggest Influence

Several times during my life in the big corporate world, I would be required to attend things like personal growth seminars, team building events, and other miscellaneous "fun" events. From time to time the "coach" would ask me, "Who has had the biggest influence in your life?" I always answer the same; There were three, together, who had the biggest influence in my life.
I have included a couple pictures of these three people; my sisters. I was born into a ready-made environment conducive to love and acceptance. I had three teen-aged (or almost) sisters who, after having 4 brothers come after them, were tickled pink to have a little girl in the house. I firmly believe my sense of stability, self-acceptance, and "I can do anything" attitude is a direct result of the attention I received from my sisters in the early years of my life.

Actually, I shouldn't say "early years", as this has continued throughout my lifetime. I've always felt special around my sisters. Even though I am past the mid-century mark, I am still their little sister. They are a part of any success I have had (or will have) in life.

Thanks, Vivian, Sylvia and Evie, for molding me into the person I became. I realize this is a rare gift to be valued highly. I love you all! (ps - these pictures are in 1958 an 1953)


  1. Hey Audrey, I just discovered your blog. Love the old pictures--especially the one of you and your three sisters. Which one is Evie? She used to babysit for me, Rick, Randi, Lori, and Paul. I don't recall what she looked like, but if I had to guess, I'd say she's the one on the right.

  2. Hi, Lisa - I just found your comment. On the top picture Evie is in the middle. In the bottom picture (1953) she is the one on the right. I didn't know she babysat for you!