Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Shopping and Tori

With a new job I need new clothes, right? Rod took Tori for a hike in the mountains and I took off to Flat Iron Crossing. What fun! Got lotsa new tops and a pair of shoes - nearly all on sale. I started out at Dillards but (1) there was nothing that appealed to me and (2) they had practically nothing on sale. All the other stores had huge sales going on. Wonder what's up with Dillards? No way am I going to pay $70 for a tee shirt! I suppose the best sales will be coming up the Fourth of July weekend. Maybe I'll go shopping that week as well.

Next purchase, though, will probably be a Webkinz for Tori so she can spend some time on the Internet while she is here - and a little less DVD/books. What a difference a couple years make. She used to be close all the time, now she loves spending time alone. She does get her exercise each day since she bikes to the swimming pool and spends all afternoon there. She's been here a week already. The time is going to fly by so fast.

Wait - maybe my next purchase should be a Father's Day gift for the hubs. That will be easy; he wants a gift card to Starbucks so his cash lasts longer. I don't usually get him anything since he is not my dad, but he bought me a mug for Mother's Day.....

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