Friday, June 26, 2009

Getting Oriented

I spent the last two days at an orientation session for my new job. I don't officially start until July 6, but I volunteered to come to the already-scheduled meetings. I came away feeling even stronger that this is the place and time for me. It is interesting to see how my past experiences all come together to make me prepared for this. I found out that my duties will include working on a couple more initiatives than I was originally told (but I fully expected that to happen).

Right now it looks like the first month I will be in the local office. But by the end of July (after my Seattle trip) or the first week of August I will be hitting the road. And, believe it or not, I am ready for that again, too!

We got Tori back last night. It is good to have her here again. She really enjoyed being at Amy's. Today I am picking up Amber (10) and she will be spending the next several days with us as well. Almost feels like having daughters again - only more fun.

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