Friday, June 12, 2009


As those of you who read this probably know, my mom is in a nursing home. She is nearly 93. We had her quarterly care conference this past week and I attended by phone. Wouldn't you think that people who work in a nursing home would be experts in geriatric issues? It amazes me how much I have to advocate for Mom. Now, I'm not new to this; I spent many years working in a nursing home myself and I am an RN now. In all my years in healthcare I have been a strong patient advocate and did everything I could to make the experience as good as possible (whether NH or hospital). Why isn't everyone like that????

I'm not saying her care is bad; but there are things she has to deal with that are completely unnecessary for her to deal with. And don't they get it that she can't hear half of what they say? Sometimes I wish I were closer so I could keep on top of things better.

Calm down, Audrey......

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