Friday, February 26, 2010

I Just Have to Say This

For My Mother:

Thank you:
  • for having child #8
  • for your patience with me through the teen years
  • for really good cinnamon rolls
  • for letting me do the housework rather than the cooking
  • for the sewing machine I started using at age 10
  • for hosting the 4-H club, even on your birthday
  • for welcoming my best friend into our home on a regular basis
  • for loving my father
  • for working so hard for all of us
  • for creating a home of stability and security and peace
  • for letting me take the car to my job in Cando, even when you had to go to church in the pickup
  • for teaching me the honor of hard work
  • for meatballs and gravy over boiled potatoes
  • for Christmas traditions and Christmas foods
  • for taking me to Tacoma in 1960
  • for coming to my college graduation, even though you just broke your shoulder
  • for taking care of me
  • for being proud of me
  • for loving me
  • and most of all
  • Thank you for living long enough for me to realize how much I love you

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