Sunday, February 21, 2010

Goin' Out West

Procrastination can quickly turn into "too late". Which is why I am going to sandwich in a quick personal trip between my business trips. For months I've been saying I want to get to know my Aunt Elvera better; I have never spent much 1:1 time with her. I envisioned going to her house and spending a pleasant afternoon sitting with her at her kitchen table, sipping coffee or tea, and getting to know one another better. Well, the scenario has changed. Elvera has been having some health problems, is currently in a nursing home, and is looking at assisted living rather than going back to her home. I want to scream out, "Wait! Let's go back a few months and start over again!" Of course, the days and weeks continue to rush by while I am darting to and fro, busy with many other things. Enough! I found a week with no travel, so I am going to hop on a plane the morning of March 4 and head out to SEA-TAC. Thanks to cousin Kandy for offering transportation and a place to stay and to chauffeur me around to see my aunts. No more procrastination. I am going to "just do it." (Although, I feel slightly guilty for not rushing to my ailing mom's side instead. But not guilty enough to change my plans :-)

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