Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fun in the Mountains

I know I'll have a wonderful time. But I really don't feel like going ... yet. Sometimes I just wish I could stay home for awhile. Today (Sunday) I am going to Breckenridge, a nice mountain community, and spend the next few days with a bunch of my colleagues from around the country. I love the mountains, but I love them best in the summer. Cold and snow and wind aren't particularly appealing to me right now. I need an attitude adjustment. After all, many people would be thrilled to trade places with me. We have a nice lodge rented, the menu planned, the activities scheduled, and I like everyone I will be with. Yes, I know it will be fun. If I don't chicken out, I will be taking my very first downhill ski lesson. I bought new cozy pajamas, I bought a warm cap, I found Rod's heavy winter coat that I can wear, I bought slippers, I packed my teapot and four flavors of tea. See, it's going to be fun. Leaving my house and husband once again is going to be the hardest part.

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