Thursday, July 16, 2009

Update on My Peaches

I just finished the last peach - another few hours and it would have turned brown. Rod thought he ate the last one, but I brought mine back home from work. It was a very busy day and I did not have time to look for a private place to eat it. So that is all the peaches - until Seattle. One of the highlights of going to Seattle (besides seeing all the wonderful relatives) is going to Pike Place Market and getting a big juicy peach. I look forward to it every time we go. But, again, it is a challenge to eat. This time I have a plan. We are staying, after all, at the "W". The "W" is one of the most expensive hotels in downtown Seattle. If you book it online, the kind of room we have goes for about $450/night. Now, before you start thinking we are really rich snobs, let me tell you that we are using points and it won't cost us a thing. Anyway, at the "W" they surely have knives and bowls. (I'd sneak a knife in my suitcase - if this was pre 9/11). This year, I'm going to be assertive and ask to bring a knife and a dish to our room to enjoy our peach in style. A few years ago, when my good friend Kay stayed at the "W" with me, we tried to cut up our peach with some kind of thingy that I think is for opening wine bottles. It worked - barely. I'd let you know how it goes this year, but I'm sure you are all tired of hearing about my peaches. But think about us the last weekend in July!

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  1. Mmm, peaches! I have been loving on some peaches myself lately =) I had a nice juicy one for lunch today also! There just isn't anything like a fresh, ripe peach.