Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I love fruit - all types of fruit. But why is it so hard to buy good fruit? I think the supermarkets use all the best fruit for their TV ads. By the time I get to the store they are either (a) not ripe, (b) overripe, or (c) look rather, uh, unappetizing. But this week we hit a bonanza. Not at a supermarket, but at Costco. The peaches looked so good so we took a chance. Of course, you have to buy a dozen...very large....peaches. Today they ripened up - all 12 of them! And they are soooo good. They are so juicy that it takes about three paper towels to sop up all the juice running off the face. We each had one for dessert. And we each had one for a bedtime snack. I'm going to take one (or two) to work tomorrow. (Ummm, I wonder where I can hide while I sloppily enjoy my peach.) Please, peaches, don't get overripe before we can enjoy you!

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