Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nothing much

Now that I finally have my mind set on buying a car - I don't have time to do it! Why didn't I decide to do this during the several weeks I was not working?!? It may be for the best, though, as I might as well wait for all the 2010 models to come out. I really want a red Camry. But Amy and Don already have red Camry's. Can we really handle three of them in the family?

I just finished three days of Director meetings. I was told it would be really intense. Well, either I have a different understanding of intense, or they really held back. So far it's nothing to get stressed over. I'm looking forward to next week when I will be back digging around in a dialysis center again. I've missed that.

In about 36 hours we will be in Seattle. Can't wait! It's going to be a good weekend!

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