Thursday, July 23, 2009

Storm Lake, Iowa

I finally got all my travel arrangements done for my trip to Storm Lake, Iowa, the first week of August! On Monday I fly from Denver to Omaha (one of these trips I am going to give enough time to see my sister, Evie, in Omaha). Then I rent a car and drive about 2 1/2 hours to Storm Lake. Everyone said the only decent place to stay was at the King's Pointe Waterpark Resort. Great idea! Except that they had no rooms for the three nights - only the last night. Well, I decided to take the last night, just in case I ended up somewhere that wasn't fit to stay in. I also made reservations at another local "motel". Today I called to cancel the one night at King's Pointe. But joy of joys - they had a cancellation so I can get a room for all three nights! Yippee! So then I had to cancel the other reservation. I think I'm all set now.

The other part of the story, though, is that it costs $12/day to get navigation with the rental car. I made the reservations with this included. But today I got permission to get navigation added to my Blackberry for less than $10/month. Big savings! So I tried to get the navigation taken off my car rentals. Not so easy to do! In fact, so far it has been impossible. I tried to rent another car so I could just cancel the first car, but the second car is much more expensive this time around! I finally gave up and asked an administrative assistant to see what she could do. I really would rather not have to turn in the expense for navigation when I just begged to have it on my blackberry to "save money". (My boss really likes to save money).

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