Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Conversation with Dad

Hi, Dad. It's been a long time since I've been here to see you. In fact, it was so long that I had a hard time finding you. But here I am. Is it okay if I lay on top of you? Today I need to feel close to you; I need to feel your strong and steady spirit. Things have been pretty tough for me lately. Sometimes I feel like the life has been sucked right out of me; that my bones are as old and brittle as yours. Why did you leave me when you did? I want so much to know you better and learn from you. If you had lived another ten years, I know I would be a stronger and better person because of it. Maybe I would be better equipped to deal with life's hard times. But, wait. What is that you are trying to tell me? Oh, I hear you clearly now; "My daughter, you have a heavenly father who is still alive and is very real. Go to His arms, lay your head against His chest and listen to His heart. He will comfort you and lead you down the right path." Yes, Dad, you are right. Sometimes I lose my way. I need to come back home to the One who leads me beside still waters, who fills my cup to overflowing, who anoints my head with the healing oil; the One who restores my soul.

Dad ... thanks for helping me today. Now I am going to rise from this grass. I will set my face to the wind and march on. After all, I am my father's daughter - and I am strong, like he was.

But before I go ... there is another thing I want to tell you. Mom is going to be joining you soon. I don't think it will be very much longer and she will be lying here beside you - just where she wants to be. We're taking good care of her, but her heart is already in the next world. So I'll be back to see you again. And by then, things will be much better. I'm sure of it.


  1. tears are running down my face as I read these words. Thanks for reminding me who to turn to.

  2. It broke my heart reading your blog.